Reboot LAfrique

We had such an amazing dance family. Over 150 students, a wonderful team of volunteers and teachers, organizing monthly socials, a Rueda exchange festival, teaching 15 courses and even going to congresses together. And then… Covid happend. Everything stopped in the blink of an eye. LAfrique went silent.

At the beginning of the pandemic we appreciated a bit of peace and quite. Having time for things we never got around to. But we quickly grew into fat lame couch potatoes! Covid was killing us without infecting us! After 1,5 years we realized that there was no other option. We had to REBOOT LAFRIQUE!

As most of us are – or could have been – vaccinated we feel safe enough to start teaching again. We expected that many of you would still be afraid of getting close again. But it was quite the opposite! We were flabbergasted by the turnout, the enthusiasm, the joy and all the smiling faces at the try outs. It was truly an emotional get together with our dance family, old and new!

We are back. LAfrique begins anew!