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LAfrique offers different dance styles at various levels.
We teach Salsa LA, Salsa Cubana, Rueda, Kizomba and Bachata.

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Course info

Salsa LA

In the Salsa LA  course you will learn Salsa LA style (on 1) and Bachata. Both are popular dances in the Netherlands and danced at most Latin parties. Salsa LA originates from Los Angeles and is typically danced on a line starting from count 1 in the music.

Salsa Cubana

Salsa Cubana is danced to distinct styles of salsa music. A noticeable difference between Salsa LA and Salsa Cubana is that the Salsa Cubana is danced in a circular fashion whereas Salsa LA is danced on a line. Salsa Cubana courses also includes Rueda de Casino. A fun way of dancing salsa in a group.


In our Kizomba classes you will learn Kizomba first but we soon add Tarraxinha and Semba. These are the dances that are being danced at most Kizomba parties.


Bachata comes from the Dominican Republic and is commonly known as a very sensual dance. The movement of the hips is very important and is seen as the soul of the dance. Generally, most of the movement is in the dancers lower body; footwork and hips.

Latin Percussion

Becoming a musical dancer starts by understanding the structure of a song. Percussion is a very important part of Latin music. Learning the basics of Latin Percussion is fun and will help you anticipate and play with latin music.

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Course Prices and Discounts

We combine the best quality with the lowest price. All of our teachers have many years of dancing and teaching experience. Class prices go as low as 5.55 Euro/hour. The more you commit, the better price you get!

Course price regular student
8 hour course 90 Euro 75 Euro

Early bird discount, pay before the start of the course -> 10 Euro off on your total.
Register for multiple courses ->  50% off on every additional course!

Price examples

Course # Regular (early bird) Student (early bird)
1 course (8 hours) 90 (80) 75 (65)
2 courses 90 + 45 = 135 (125) 75 + 37,50 = 112,50 (102,50)
3 courses 90 + 2 x 45 = 180 (170) 75 + 2 x 37,50 = 150 (140)
4 courses 90 + 3 x 45 = 225 (215) 75 + 3 x 37,50 = 187,50 (177,50)

Do you want/need to redo a beginner or improver course? No problem! Get the same for less.

Redo course* regular student
Beginner or improver course 40 Euro 35 Euro

* discounts don't apply.

Register and pay early and get your discount!

Single lessons
You can participate in a single lesson or part of a course (with teachers permission).
A single lesson in a running course costs 12 Euro. Ask us about your options.

Private classes and Workshops*

Private lesson  50 Euro/h 1 teacher
Private lesson for a couple  75 Euro/h 1 teacher
Workshop for groups up to 30 persons 150 Euro/h 2 teachers
Workshop for groups 30-60 persons 250 Euro/h 2 teachers
Workshop for groups above 60 persons 325 Euro/h 2 teachers

*prices excluding dance location and travel expenses.

Payment info
You can pay in cash at the start of the event (course or boot camp) or through bank transfer.
Account holder: LAfrique Dance Company
IBAN code : NL05 RABO 0305969102
Payment information: {YOUR FULL NAME AND THE COURSES}


You can subscribe to our events and courses by filling out the online LAfrique registration form or by sending us an email. During try out lessons you can fill out a paper form.

Free Try Outs
Try our classes for free during the Try Outs. Check out our Facebook page or Try out page on this website for upcoming Try Outs. Bring your friends as well and have fun with us.

Bootcamps and workshops

We organize bootcamps and workshops on a regular basis. In these specials you get the chance to really dig deep into a subject. Our (guest) teachers are eager to help you make progress and encourage you to ask for details. Keep an eye out for our upcoming events on our Facebook page and the event page of this website.