Try Out Schedule February

On February 6, 9 and 12 you can try all our dances for free! Experience the vibe of our classes, meet the teachers, your fellow students and become a member of the Lafrique family. No need to sign up, just show up and bring your friends as well!

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Upcoming events

6, 9 & 12 February - Free Try Outs
Try all our dances for free. Bring your sunny mood and all your friends and have fun with us!

13 February - Practice Evening
From 19:30 till 22:30 you can practice what you've learned at Lafrique.

19, 20 & 23 Febuary - Start of February Dance Courses
Check our course schedule and join the LaFrique family!

20 February - Practice Evening
From 19:30 till 22:30 you can practice what you've learned at Lafrique.

3-5 March - Lafrique goes TaFixe
Join Lafrique to Ta Fixe, a fantastic Kizomba festival in Porto (Portugal).

24/25 June - Rueda Exchange Festival
The annual Salsa Cubana Rueda Exchange Festival hosted by LaFrique.

The LAfrique show team!

We are very proud to present to you... our own LAfrique Rueda show team!
So far we performed a show at our own Rueda Exchange Festival, Festa LAfrique Pool Party and the Garden Concert of Amigos Latinos in Ruurlo.

Book us for a great show!

Rueda Showteam

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Great teachers

Our team consists of enthusiastic and experienced teachers, each with their own speciality and years of dance experience in several dance styles. With passion we teach you the steps and patterns, technique, connection and musicality but most of all our classes are fun!!

Curious about the team? Let us introduce ourselves....

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Diverse Dance styles

At Lafrique we offer you a diverse range of dance styles. Come join us for the Latin dances Salsa LA, Bachata, Salsa Cubana, Rueda de Casino or the African dances Kizomba, Semba and Tarraxinha!

Each dance has it's own characteristics. Some sexy and energetic, others sensual and grounded.

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Awesome events

LAfrique regularly organises socials, parties, bootcamps, workshops and more.

Festa da LAfrique is a well know party that attracts dancers from afar. A Typical Festa da Lafrique starts of with an energetic workshop by LAfrique or guest teachers. Top guest DJ's bring the best beats to Wageningen.

Check our calendar...

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