Rueda de Casino Calls

Rueda de Casino has many calls. These calls were and still are being invented by enthusiastic Salsa Cubana dancers to be able to synchronize the patterns when with more than 1 couple.

A lot of these calls are known around the world and danced in the same way. Some calls are invented and used only locally. Some calls will be executed with variations depending on the creativity or the memory of the dancers.

At Lafrique we use the calls below in our classes and socials. This list will be updated from time to time.

Call Description
Abajo Closed dancing forward for man clockwise (backwards)
Arriba Closed dancing forward for man anti-clockwise (forwards)
Contra Mambo Start with Enchoufle and both dancers go back side stepping and clapping on 8, 2, 4 & 6.
Dame (Dame Una) Change to next woman
Dame Con Dos With two claps on count 6
Dame Con Tres With three claps on count 6
Dame Dos Miss one woman go to following woman
Dame Dos Con Dos Miss on partner and change to next with 2 claps on 6th count
Dame Y Una Arriba Dame in opposite direction
Dile Que No Open to Guapea
Enchufla con vuelta Enchufla, 456 man outside turn. Finish off draw woman across you.
El Dos Enchufla change hands and dance in front the woman then change hands back to do sombrero
El Uno Similar el dos, but woman in front
Enchufla Anti-clockwise turn to woman 123 and change to next woman
Enchufla A La Familia Link arms then change
Enchufla Con Clave To the clave clap
Enchufla Con Mambo Mambo to next t partner
Enchufla Doble Enchufla then stop the woman 456 and the Enchufla
Enchufla Para Arriba Enchufla to the opposite direction
Enchufla Por Al Centro Enchufla and then coming to centre for a clap on 1, woman on 4
Enchufla Y Cero Enchufla then woman cero around man
Exhibela Show her off
Festival any move three times with claps 1,2,3 on first step. Can be dame or Enchufla
Festival De Pelota Enchufla three times and clapping on 6 count for 1,2 and 3
Fly Catch a fly ball on 1
La Derecha Man to right on one and woman to right on four
Media Middle clap on 1
Ochenta Y Ocho Setenta then back other way to start Setenta from behind
Para ti Para mi Clap to centre touch hands behind clap centre and touch hands in front.
Pasela Passing back and forth across her. Man out step across. Woman back cross step
Pati Por Las Mujeres
Pati Por Los Hombres
Policia por las mujeres
Prima Doble Prima then torque then change
Prima y hermana Prima and Enchufla
Prima, Adios Draw woman and half turn to centre, then over the head to next woman
Sacala Show her off with other hand
Sombrero Change hands clockwise for woman to man right side
Sombrero con mambo Sombrero then mambo steps
Un tarro Change partner. Man walking in closed position forward to next Lady
Vacilala Float the woman clockwise then pick her up
Yoghurt 1, 2 Jump to partner