Safe Place

Many dances have their roots in courtship. Therefore flirtation can be a part of the dance. Of course, in most dance interactions courtship isn't the goal. It is about making a connection with the other person and create an amazing dance together. This connection is most of the time just friendly. At times, it can involve flirtation. This can be exciting and fun, but we also have to be careful and stay vigilant about ensuring that every participant is consenting to the game as it is unfolding. In addition to that, flirtation on the dance floor is not an invitation for flirting off the dance floor.

We want Lafrique to be a safe place for all, on and off the dance floor. A place to meet, to learn, to socialize and, at times, to flirt. But this is a two way interaction where both parties need to be sensitive. To set and respect each other’s boundaries and to make sure of consent.

We have made a small and probably very incomplete list of things that come into play in any social interaction. Please read and internalize this list. It will help you have a great time at Lafrique and beyond.

1. Everyone has different boundaries due to their personal and cultural history, and these boundaries are continually shifting.

2. People express boundaries differently due to their personal and cultural history.

3. The absence of NO is not a YES!
Be aware that some people don't express boundaries vocally or physically.
And vice versa, some people are oblivious to (subtle) expressions of boundaries.

4. People may bring the memories of bad experiences with them to dance spaces.

5. It is kind to say “yes” to an invitation, but there is no obligation to say yes to every invitation. Saying 'No thank you' is a prerogative which has to be respected without questioning.

6. Small boundary crossings add up. Stop dancing (even mid-dance) and say 'no thank you'. This is a prerogative which has to be respected.

7. Make sure there is consent to the game! On and off the dance floor.

8. Bystanders: Call out negative behavior, check in! We are in this together!

9. Lafrique prohibits harassment of any kind and will take appropriate and immediate action in response to complaints or knowledge of violations of this policy. For purposes of this policy, harassment is any verbal or physical conduct designed to threaten, intimidate or coerce any person at or working for Lafrique.

10. Inform us if you experience an inappropriate interaction or feel unsafe. Talk with any of our team members or contact our counselor to help solve the problem at hand.